High School Certificate

We offer a range of online high school courses that provide a solid foundation for you to earn your high school certificate.

Individual Courses

Get ahead or back on track just in time for graduation. We offer the same rigorous curriculum offered in traditional or brick and mortar schools.


If you’re looking to supplement your current homeschooling curriculum we have all the courses you’ll need.

Why study at Digit?

We'll help prepare you to attend college, qualify for a better job.

Why study at Digit?

Admission & fees

Our high school admissions process is simple. Find out.

Admission & fees

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Get an online high school education that fits your life

Discover courses

Ready to join us?

Imagine using your knowledge to help high school students

Ready to join us?

We give every student an equal

opportunity to excel academically

Our student body includes adult learners who are returning to earn their diplomas, high schoolers who seek an alternative to their neighborhood school, students who need to make up credits so they can graduate with their class and homeschoolers. Whatever your reason for enrolling, you will receive our complete commitment to making your learning experience both satisfying and productive.

Digit is the solution to all these problems

Learn how Digit works for you

We give high school students academic support where, when, and how they need it

To us, digital learning isn’t just about realizing your potential—it’s about maximizing it. With our scalable learning solutions, we’re empowering accredited instructor and organizations everywhere to instill knowledge around critical topics in the classroom, in the office and in the community. Together, we’re connecting education to the real world and opening new doors of opportunity for all.


Homework help

Instant help with any homework problem, large or small. Students feel more successful and less frustrated, while teachers gain insights into specific challenge areas for each student.


Writing feedback

Detailed grammatical, structural, and stylistic feedback that helps develop strong writing skills. Students turn in more polished work while teachers can focus more on concepts and less on corrections.


Study support

Expert coaching and tips that make it easier to grasp concepts of any complexity. Teachers’ lessons are reinforced outside the classroom, while students are better prepared for class discussions and exams.

Digit goes far beyond what schools, instructors and parents alone are able to provide.

We are dedicated to working towards meeting the needs of our students. We are expanding our reach and inclusiveness by extending the accessibility and usability of our portals and program content for students with disabilities. 

Finally... you can earn your high school certificate on your terms

#Discover Digit A School Without Precedent

We remove the barriers standing in your way from finishing high school studies so that you can earn your high school certificate. Study independently at your convenience, on your own flexible schedule. 

#Testimonial What Students Says

What existing students have to say about Digit Service

Find advanced level course that fits your needs

We believe all students should get the help they need and not have to go in debt. So we offer online courses at affordable prices.

It’s flexible, and saves you time and money

At Digit, we believe that technology has the potential to transform what’s possible in education. All students should get the help they need and not have to go in debt. So we offer online courses at affordable prices.

Our online lesson space makes learning fun

Instructors can explain tricky concepts using our interactive whiteboard. They use visuals, practice questions and interactive exercises to make lessons something you will look forward to.