Looking for an alternative way of earning high school certificate?

Digit is uniquely designed to meet the needs of students who seek an alternative to the confines of classroom-based learning. Because our courses are conveniently self-paced, online, and supervised by a caring academic support team, our high school certificate programs are perfect traditional high school alternatives. Digit is ideal for people of all ages and all stages of life, from adults and homeschoolers, to traditional teen higher-schoolers and the college bound. 

Anyone who is looking to finish high school online is a candidate!

Digit removes the barriers standing in your way from finishing high school online so that you can earn your high school certificate. Study independently at your convenience, on your own flexible schedule. Get close academic support in an accredited curriculum that will help prepare you for college, career and beyond.

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 College Prep Cert
 Career Pathways
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The “traditional” brick-and-mortar neighborhood high school experience isn’t for everyone. Earn your high school certificate online without the stress and forced rigidity of a standard classroom. If you are self-motivated, comfortable using the Internet, and like the idea of learning independently, you are ready to start studying at Digit! Get your high school certificate online, working at your pace, and open the door to your future.

Say yes to studying when and where it suits you. Say no to:

  • Competition with other classmates
  • Social cliques or peer pressures
  • Pop quizzes

In addition, because you log onto your lessons when you want and study at your own pace — you’ll never be late for class! And you’ll get supportive, individualized instruction from academic advisors and certified teachers.

An Ideal Alternative to Help You Graduate

Traditional high schools don’t work for every student — or parents. At Digit, every student has an alternative to earn a high school certificate. We are ideal for students who...

  • Seek more challenging academics
  • Struggle academically or socially.
  • Previously dropped out.
  • Have health challenges or special needs.
  • Travel frequently
  • Plan to enter the workforce immediately after graduating and would benefit from job skills training while working toward their certificate.

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Online Adult High School Certificate Programs

If you’re an adult who is ready to complete your high school certificate, online study at Digit is the nationally- and regionally-accredited education solution you need.

As an adult, attending high school online allows you to balance your educational goal with work, family, and daily life instead of the other way around. You can continue your education on your terms, by self-pacing your studies according to your needs and enjoying class time at any time of day or night!

An Affordable, Flexible, and Accredited Adult High School Certificate

It doesn’t matter why you didn’t finish high school. What matters is that you are exploring ways to finally complete the work. Digit offers three Certificate tracks. A General Certificate will suit your needs if you are an adult completing high school online to meet a work requirement or before attending trade or career school. A College Prep Certificate will provide a more comprehensive curriculum if you’re planning to attend college. Career Pathways gives you a high school certificate plus specialized job skills training.

Things to Know Before You Enroll:

  • Enrollments are accepted all year long–no deadlines
  • All certificate tracks are nationally and regionally accredited
  • You're not entitled to transfer credits from previous coursework
  • Affordable tuition payment plans are available
  • Your first course will be ready within 24 hours of enrollment
  • Study at your own pace and on your own schedule
  • All certificates are 23 credit hours. For Career Pathways, substitute job-readiness training courses for two of your electives.

Request Information or enroll online today.

Getting an Adult High School Certificate Online Fast

Your life looks different now than it did when you were a teen. Online high school is the perfect design for a busy adult who wants to complete a certificate fast, but with flexibility. Each class at Digit can be completed in as few as 6 weeks. The number of credits you are able to transfer, and the number of classes you take simultaneously, will affect your completion date but that’s the best thing about us. Getting your high school certificate online lets you be an adult and set your own class times and study schedules.

How Much More Does an Adult with a High School Certificate Earn on Average?

As an adult learner, you’ll be proud to finally complete your high school certificate, but that’s not the only benefit of returning to school. 

Don't put it off any longer! Our adult high school certificate program can help you achieve your goals. Call +255-743-971-531 or enroll online today.

Online Homeschool Program for High School Students

We know students make the decision to homeschool for a variety of reasons - whether you want to make sure your education incorporates your beliefs and values, maybe you suffers from anxiety, or needs more personalized attention, we know you have a chosen this path with your best interest in mind. 

Digit can help. Our expert teachers will evaluate assignments, provide final grades, and will be available to provide additional assistance; you can supplement the curriculum to meet your goals for your family. As a provider of an Advanced accredited high school certificate.

This is just one reason why online homeschooling at Digit makes perfect sense for you.

Homeschooling online with Digit is made for you to thrive. Read on to find out why.

Our Online Homeschooling Approach Gets It Right

  • Our high school instructors are nationally accredited by the ministry of education and training.
  • Access textbooks online from anywhere via interactive eBooks.
  • Optional companion printed textbooks with each course available for free.
  • Students learn at their own individual pace and on their own personal study routine.
  • Our instruction team works alongside each student and parent or guardian to provide exceptional academic support.
  • Weekly live teacher-instructed lessons are offered to interested students to help them learn.

National-Certified Teachers Assure Each Student's Success

  • State-certified teachers in each course regularly interact with students via live chat, email, discussion groups and more.
  • Students — and parents — are encouraged to speak with teachers and academic advisors online, by email or by phone.
  • At enrollment, you'll be assigned a learning advocate who is always there to answer questions, address personal concerns and give advice and guidance.

Parents Can Stay Closely Involved

We encourage parents to engage with students on a regular basis. Just as students maintain a personal, confidential Student Portal where they access lessons, track grades and interact with teachers and academic advisors, parents may have access as well.

We Are Flexible, Affordable and Accredited

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Online High School Courses for Athletes

Many student athletes have dreams of playing semi-professional or travel sports teams, but it can be hard to manage the hours needed for training around a class schedule. Luckily, with Digit, you can study online when you have the time.

Why Digit for Student Athletes?

Studying online with Digit gives student athletes the flexibility they need to succeed both in the classroom and on the field. Study between training sessions, anytime, anywhere.

Digit also Gives You

  • A nationally and regionally accredited curriculum
  • Online, self-paced courses
  • Exceptional faculty support

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Credit Recovery High School Courses Online

With the same rigorous packed curriculum given in schools, Digit offers the opportunity for students to earn and make up high school credits online but at your pace! You can choose from a variety of online classes for high school credits and complete them online, from home and at your own pace. It's the ultimate in flexible, affordable learning.

We accept enrollments year-round. Whether you are looking to take our online courses during the regular school year or make up credits with Digit as your online summer school, we let you study on your own schedule. Being a Digit student never interferes with your job, family responsibilities or recreational activities, because you fit learning time comfortably into your routine.

Consider our high school credit recovery courses if you want to...

  • Retake previously failed courses
  • Retake previously incomplete courses
  • Catch up to your graduating class

Please check with your local high school or school system office in advance to confirm that our courses qualify for transfer credit.

Find out about our affordable high school credit recovery courses today.

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Online Summer High School Courses

Our Online summer high school courses are a great option for students who have to make up a class or simply need more flexibility with their schedule. We accept enrollments year-round in our online high school classes and our online summer courses have proven to be among our most popular offerings.

Whether you need to retake a class, recover credit, get ahead, take an elective, or improve your GPA, taking classes online during the summer can be a great way to reach your goals.

Digit’s summer courses are:

  • Flexible – Allowing you to begin at any time, access your summer courses anywhere you go, and move at your own pace through the material.
  • Affordable — It’s important to remember that you are investing in your education, but credible institutions don’t have sky-high tuition, and should never have any hidden fees.
  • Trusted — When you take summer online courses through Digit, you are tapping into a rigorous curriculum just like you would experience in a brick-and-mortar school.

It allows you to recover high school credits on your own schedule. Being a Dahwa student never interferes with your job, family responsibilities or summer vacation, because you fit learning time comfortably into your routine. View our individual courses.

Consider Our Online Summer Courses if You Want to...

Flexible, Top-Notch Online High School Classes

Online summer school is a great way to catch up with or get ahead of your peers. If you failed your high school Algebra I course and need to make it up, you can do so with our online high school summer classes. Or if you want to get ahead of your current high school math placement, you could sign up for an online Pre-Calculus course.

Our online school classes have been designed using the best available teaching methods and top-of-the-line technology. We design our online classes with busy people and those who are struggling to excel in traditional school settings in mind. We provide tremendous resources to each student, ensuring that you will have a chance to not only meet but exceed expectations.

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Why Digit is Right For Your Child

We encourage parent involvement with online high school programs at Digit. You want the best education for your child's future — and so do we. Whether your goal is to enable your child to apply to college or qualify for a better career, we believe Digit offers an ideal way to earn a high school certificate. We serve students in many situations, including traditional studentshomeschoolers and students seeking credit recovery.

1. A Quality Accredited Curriculum

Digit's instructors are nationally accredited by the ministry of education. This assures you of a high standard of quality in terms of our course content, overall curriculum, academic policies, enrollment procedures and instructional guidance.

2. A Distraction-Free Learning Environment

At Digit your child studies online independently. Free from the social challenges and peer pressures associated with being a traditional student in the typical high school setting, Digit students can focus on learning.

Maybe your child is an accelerated learner and feels held back by other classmates. Or, perhaps your child has been bullied, is falling behind, has family responsibilities or simply needs more time to absorb the subject matter. Digit can help.

3. Self-Paced Courses for Custom-Fit Study

At Digit your child learns at his or her own comfortable pace. The structured schedules of classroom-based schooling do not accommodate diverse study styles or speeds. At Digit, your child can moves faster in some subjects and delve more deeply into others. There are no set log-on times, so your child is free to create a customized study routine.

4. Convenient Credit Recovery and Transfer

At Digit your child can earn make-up credits in single courses. Besides our high school curriculum, your child can enroll in single courses to make up credits. Maybe your child missed classes, failed a class, or needs to take a course or two to graduate. Choosing our individual-course option makes perfect sense. Check with your local school system in advance to confirm acceptance of Digit transfer credits.

5. Personal Academic Guidance

Students in traditional high school classrooms may find teachers unapproachable or too busy to provide the extra help they need. At Digit, it's a whole different story! Your child can request one-on-one tutoring any time, online or by email or phone. Students also benefit from personal interaction with our certified teachers who are always willing to give students guidance.

6. Great for Homeschoolers

At Digit your child can succeed as a homeschooler. Are you interested in online homeschooling for your child? Are you looking for a comprehensive homeschool curriculum that meets your and your child's needs for a flexible, enjoyable education? Digit is your answer. It works seamlessly with your busy schedule — including any extracurriculars, hobbies or other planned activities.

Our curriculum is designed to make it easy for you to supervise your child's studies, monitor daily progress, and guide him or her to success. We encourage parent involvement!

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We Partner With School Administrators and Educational Organizations

We welcome the opportunity to partner with high school administrators across East Africa to help your students graduate. High school administrators, guidance counselors, dropout recovery programs, and boards of education staff can be confident referring our school to students who are seeking an alternative way to earn a high school diploma. Students may take individual courses for credit recovery, or enroll in one of our two certificate tracks.

Helping Your Students Get Back On Track

Our dedicated school administrator support team will help you explore our course options. Because the Digit curriculum is nationally  accredited, course credit can transfer* — both into and out of our school. By providing students a way to complete failed or missed courses, Digit can...

  • Reduce student dropout rates
  • Help seniors graduate on time
  • Improve student GPA
  • Supplement your current curriculum
  • Serve as a summer school

*Please check with your local high school or school system office in advance to confirm that our courses qualify for transfer credit. No form of accreditation guarantees that any learning institution will accept credits from any school as transfer credits.

We urge high school administrators to find out how Digit gives all students the opportunity to earn a high school certificate or supplement their studies. 

Digit is different from typical high school

We believe getting help with learning should be as easy as shopping on online store or watching TV. Digit is working instructor by instructor, organization by student, to turn that vision into reality.

Promotes educational equity

Delivers personalized learning

Scales to serve all students

Learning help that’s accessible to every student regardless of gender and socioeconomic status

Give high school students academic support where, when, and how they need it

Give students academic support where, when, and how they need it

Digit’s educational support system (ESS) is a breakthrough intervention that helps every student excel academically. Digit far beyond what schools, private tutoring, and guardians are able to provide—putting academic support at every students’ fingertips where, when, how & for as long as they need it.

Available everywhere , 24/7

Unlimited help from experts across every subject